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July Goals

July Goals

How did June go?

Only hit the snooze button twice. Almost! During my trip to Stockholm, I did that and even less, since dawn broke around 4 am, I didn’t need an alarm to wake up. Same happened afterwards when I came home, even though in Netherlands the sunrise is around 5.30 am.

Try Meatless Mondays. Almost! It worked until I went on holidays, then, I started to try new Swedish dishes while in Stockholm, hence, this didn’t go very well. I will try again in July, maybe I can get there.

Double the time spent outside. Almost! I am biking on my way to work and back home. Besides that, I decided to go the extra mile and every evening around 9 to go for a walk for at least half an hour. If you also add the holidays in Stockholm, I did pretty well.

Lower the daily sugar intake. Nailed! I hadn’t had any chocolate in June and ice-cream I had just in Stockholm.

Take a full day off from social media. Failed! I can say that I feel I am spending even more time on social media, trying to promote my website.

Start a journal with all the recipes I cook. Almost! I have started, but unfortunately, I can’t say I have many new recipes. In June, I have to admit, I didn’t really focus on my goals, I’ve been lazy and enjoyed the summer days.

I went the extra mile and applied for some magazines to publish my blog posts as articles. Until now, I was accepted to one, which I will write about soon.

New Goals

• Put the phone away an hour before bed.

• Organize the closet and donate all the clothes we do not wear anymore.

• Working to promote my YouTube channel towards the 100 subscriber mark.

• Prioritize breakfast.

• Upgrade the blog to 4 posts a month.

July will be a cray-cray month for me, hence I decided to set less goals and also to try to fulfill the once I didn’t in the previous months, as for example the “Meatless Mondays”.

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