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Traveling By Plane - Facts

Traveling By Plane - Facts

Have you ever asked yourself why

…do we still have ashtrays in airplanes? All the new planes are still designed to have them in case of some looney tunes person decides it’s time for a cigarette mid-flight and not set the whole plane on fire.

…do they dim the lights when the plane lands? This is the way the eyes of the passengers and the crew can adapt easily to a darker light in case of an emergency exit.

…do you need to leave your window blind raised? Again, emergency! Natural lighting is allowed in the plane, just in case the lighting system fails.

… do we have at each window three holes? Those little holes are to relieve air pressure on the outer pane.

…is the food tasteless? The cabin pressure weakens your taste buds or the food is actually tasteless (most cases)

…do you always have to put your phone on airplane mode? Although there is no scientific proof that the radio waves of phones can cause a plane to crash, they can interfere with the radio transmissions, which can cause confusion between the flight deck and air traffic control. Additionally, it’s good for the passengers to be in an alert mode in case something happens during the take-off or landing, the riskier parts of flying.

…do you need to have the seatbelt on all the time? If some unexpected turbulence hit, you are safe and there is a limited risk of major injury.

...you are not allowed to go to the bathroom during the take-off or landing? Again, safety! There are no seatbelts available, therefore this is also a method of precaution. Also, what if the door gets stuck? You are trapped in a tiny place.

…the wings bend upward? The plane will be more aerodynamic and also it’s considered that it saves fuels.

…there is a vapor trail behind the plane? Most people think that trail has chemicals, but the truth is that it’s just condensed water vapor.

…the time varies from one flight to another? Going always back to my base, Schiphol airport in the Netherlands, I noticed that not always the time of me going on holidays is the same with me coming back home, on the same route. This is because of headwinds, this can be explained like swimming in the ocean against the current, which will slow you down, but on the other hand, or tailwinds, which means you are going together with the current.

…the flight attendants greet and smile when you board the plane? They are actually trained to set eyes on the people and to notice if you have been drinking excessively or how physically fit you are, in case of emergencies.

Another interesting thing to know is about annoying passengers.

Do you know other interesting facts about planes? Do you want to share your knowledge?

You can leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Have a safe flight!

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