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Mondrian Style

Mondrian Style

This year, it’s the anniversary of 100 years of Mondrian, the name of the famous print you can see almost on every build in The Hague.  

The painting was created by Piet Mondriaan. In the beginning, his paintings had the light grey background with thin grey lines, not black. At the beginning of the 20s as he played more and more with the composition, the lines became black and stopped short at an arbitrary distance from the edge of the canvas. The divisions remained intact, but the background was completely white, which shown the refinements the painter worked on.

His main and most important piece was displayed in the Composition with Red Blue and Yellow, which currently is displayed in US, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Mondrian in Fashion

The first one that used the design in the fashion industry was Lola Prusac, which was a Polish born French fashion designer which worked for Hermes at the time of her Mondrian collection. The bags collection was available in the early 30s and had all the geometrical inlays of the painter used.

The more famous fashion designer that used the Mondrian theme, it was Yves Saint Laurent. He admitted that Mondrian inspired him to focus on simple dresses with minimal decoration and even though the overall effect it was simple and minimalist, the techniques was complex and work-intensive haute couture techniques to achieve success.

Mondrian in Food

In order to participate in the 100 years anniversary, I decided to created a Mondrian thematic dessert.
This is something quite easy and for a nice display on your fancy table to impress your guesses, I suggest to try it.

What do you need?

  • Marzipan (white, black, red, blue, yellow)

  • Blueberries/Huckleberries

  • Raspberries/Strawberries

  • Goldberries/Any yellow small fruit available in the market near you

  • Cinnamon/Cacao/Melted Chocolate

What do you do?

Pick the form of your design. Cut the Marzipan in different sizes and put it all together. Create the thin lines of black and added between the big blocks. Define line lines. I used cinnamon, as the smell makes it everything more pleasant for me.
Finally, add the fruits, and there you have it! Enjoy it!

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