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April Small Goals

April Small Goals

I am planning to start my blog for almost 2 years, but I never had the courage or the time to take any action. My boyfriend pushed me hard when I moved to The Netherlands to do something I like, to find a hobby. I started with my Instagram, taking pictures and putting a lot of work into my work there, but that was not enough. So, this year, in January, I started to make a story behind some of my pictures, therefore, today you are reading these lines

How did I do in March?

  1. Make small goals plan . Done on day one!

  2. Start going to the gym 2 times per week. Almost. Half of the month I was on holidays, which made it difficult to actually go to a gym, but I can say I exercised, by strolling the cities we visited. You can read more about it here.

  1. Blog at least once every two weeks. – I need to work more on this, but here I am, I am planning in advance.

  2. Go to sleep before midnight.Almost. I can say that most of the week days I went to bed before midnight, but didn’t really felt asleep before 12.

  3. Not shop except food and bare necessities. Done, and I am really proud of myself.

  4. Eat 3000 calories less per week. I started eating less for each of the 3 meals of the day and additionally, I stop snacking cookies (sad-crying face) and any other sweets available in the coffee corner downstairs in my office.

  5. Participate in a beginner Spanish class. Unfortunately, I didn’t enroll for any class, but I do get to speak at least once per week for 10 minutes with my Colombian colleague.

Making this list of goals in March, really motivated me not to be lazy and just pity myself for how difficult my life is. I agree that my stress level is way too high (I had myself tested for that and unfortunately, my stress level is double the maximum level allowed) but even so, I have to work harder. Officially I did three out of the seven, which is not bad for the beginning.

My April Small Goals.

  1. Train for 5k. – I enroll for Decathlon Running Academy, which offers for free, the possibility to train every Saturday morning around 10 am. The training will last 12 weeks and it starts on the 1st of April.

  2. Be more relaxed. – I feel that sometimes I am not patient enough listening to people around me and I get anxious too soon, I can even say I get annoyed by the questions I’m being asked. My plan is to take things a bit slower and to enjoy little things.

  3. Increase the type of exercises I do. In December, we enrolled to the closest possible gym ever. Literally, it takes me 4 minutes door to door (on the clock!), so no excuse there. Unfortunately, in December I found a lot of excuses and then in January I was very sick. The sickness lasted almost all to the end of February, when we left for 2 weeks of holidays though Europe. No excuses anymore! Body Pump, Aqua Zumba, Boxercise and many, many others.

  4. Change my home-work-home transportation way. Sometime last year, I decided to buy a bike (I live in the bike-land for God sake!) Based on my level of biking (zero!) I bought a foldable one which was very handy, but I never used it until, my boyfriend moved from Paris (more about our Parisian life, here) The plan is to at least go to work every day by bike, which should be less than 20 minutes ride.

This month I will try a smaller number of goals as obviously, I need to take things slowly and to enjoy the ride. I realized that certain goals like, exercising or going to sleep earlier are things that the only person I can hold accountable for is myself and nobody else.

Let me know what are your plans for this month.

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