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Over The Edge In Amsterdam

Over The Edge In Amsterdam

A'Dam Tower - The Swing on Top

In Amsterdam, close to central station there is an observation deck. The building is called A’dam Tower, formerly known as Shell Tower. This is the home for A’dam Lookout, the ride that swings you back and forth over the edge of the tower at a height of almost 100 meters.

What you need to know before going? The entrance ticket for the observation deck is 12.5 EUR, but you will also need to pay for the swing which costs 5 EUR.

What you can expect? After you purchase the ticket, you will be invited to take pictures with a fake background. Some of the best ideas are posted around, so you can have a sneak peak and imitate one, or create your own. After this you will take an elevator to the top of the tower, which in 20 seconds will take you to the 20th floor. It has a lot of lights, so look up!

Once you get to the observation deck, you can have a look around and see the amazing view over the city. Take as many pictures as you want, but bear in mind, there is also the outdoor section, with perhaps better views. There is also 360 degrees’ panorama sky bar and restaurant, which is a bit pricey, but for special occasion you can give it a try.

View over Amsterdam Centraal Station

Now, the swing! I went with my boyfriend in a not very sunny day. The moment we went in the swing, it started dripping. The chairs are not very comftable, and I constantly felt like I was slipping out of it. You do have safety installed before the chairs are going up and start swinging, but even so, the feeling it’s a bit scary. I have to admit, I was constantly scared, but the fun thing is I love roller coasters and I feel much more safe there. My boyfriend on the other hand, enjoyed this ride much more than any roller coaster we even been on.

On top of Amsterdam

Conclusion, it’s an interesting adventure while visiting Amsterdam. You get to see the city from the top, which is good, because Amsterdam doesn’t offer too many options of high viewpoints. Additionally, you can say that you’ve been to the highest swing in Europe.

More details on the website - www.adamlookout.com

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