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Did You Know I Have A YouTube Channel?!

Did You Know I Have A YouTube Channel?!

Like the title says, I now also have a YouTube channel, I want to improve my skills on all social media platforms. Until recently, I was just a “traveler” on YouTube, browsing and watching the work of others, but now, I became a video “producer” or how they call this nowadays "content creator".

What do I produce?

As you already know, last year I decided to share my personal stories about my travels around the world and any worthwhile foodie spots I can find and visit. During this, I realized that I can share some images together with my stories, all of this just to inspire you to find out more about all the hidden gems and to compel you to take your luggage and go visit the world on your own.

My YouTube Channel

So, I am back on YouTube after a little time away and I want to know what you all want to see!

I had an account for years, but I never thought that I can actually post something there, the easy thing was to use my account to watch what others uploaded. It was sometimes funny, watching trailers for comedies to go to the movies, or constructive on other situations, while learning how to speak a foreign language, but from there to actually producing myself, was just one step away, which I finally decided to take this year, while starting to blog.

For those who want to have a YouTube channel, the first thing you need to do is to create a user and then press the button upload and add anything you want, sarcastically speaking. Actually, one small correction, not really anything, because your content needs to be original and produced by yourself. Do not try to upload videos which are made by other people, because after a few warnings, YouTube will just close your account when you get caught doing this.

If you have original and interesting content, you will be able to get a lot of subscribers and after a few thousand views, you can ask YouTube to repay you in money, while sharing commercials on your channel. For this, you will need to provide evidence that your channel is using only original content, it doesn’t infringe on any copywriter laws and it has never been broadcasted on TV.

How to increase your subscriber numbers on YouTube?

If you have a new channel and you just started the first thing you can do is to share this information with your friends on the social media platforms you are already using (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger etc.). From here on, your subscribers should increase, as long as you don’t spam your friends!

How to personalize your YouTube channel?

For this you have a lot of elements you can use, you can add a personalized banner, trailer or section for special videos. YouTube offers now a video editor, where you can personalize everything as you wish and like.

You will not get 1000 subscribers overnight, don’t forget this, but if you are persistent and you constantly upload interesting and unique material, the results will come soon enough. You can ask me questions, I will try to help as much as I can, based on my experience of growing my channel to more than 360 subscribers in 6 months.

I’ve got a brand new video below shot in my favorite Valentine's Foodie spot located in Amsterdam. You have a beautiful view over the city and in the same time, you get to taste the best lemonade you ever had.

Head there, subscribe to my page, leave a comment with any video suggestions and I’ll try my best to create them as soon as I can!

Also, if you are a travel foodie blogger too, leave me some tips for my videos! Or as a viewer, how you like to see them.

If you missed some of my old videos from my channel, here they are.

Now that you know I have a YouTube channel, you can subscribe to my channel.  Enjoy!


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