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How I Said NO To Milan Fashion Week

How I Said NO To Milan Fashion Week

A week before fashion week, I got home, and I started to browse the internet. I know, it sounds old fashion, but literally, that’s what I did. I was exhausted, and I was not able to do anything else, but suddenly I heard the sounds of “you got mail” and while I opened the email, I saw the subject “You're Invited: Backstage at Moschino show at Milan FW'18”.

Dear reader, you can’t even imagine the feeling I got reading that line. I quickly read the email and indeed, the next Wednesday I was invited to a Moschino show in Milan.

I was so excited, I started to look for plane tickets and accommodation and I was imagining myself walking around many fashionistas with a lot of people running in a crazy chaotic way. What you don’t know about me, dear reader is that I love the restlessness and continuous trill from big cities. I remembered how it was during my first visit to Milan and for sure for Fashion Week, it will get hectic.

I have to admit, I follow a few fashionistas on Facebook and Instagram, but I don’t really have a real fashion person in my life, so I don’t really have to full understanding of this phenomenon.

The general idea I had was that it’s pretty difficult to get invited and you need to be a celebrity in order to be watching the shows live. I have to admit, I wanted really bad to go, it was in the same time with my birthday, so this would have been perfect.

A lot of lights and sparkles with a lot of cameras and uninterrupted flashes, and that unique feeling when a photographer will stop me on the street and ask me what do I wear, how did I get inspired and to take a shot of me.

Pff, I woke up, this was not really going to happen. And you know why, dear reader? People appreciate differently fashion during the fashion week, and the hardest part is not to get to MFW, but rather to be able to resist! Also, it’s one in a lifetime experience, right?

With all this excitement, I didn’t realize that actually, this is a really bad idea:

1.     NO TIME – I was invited to one event and since I have my corporate job, this will not give me the freedom to stay more days and to enjoy the street style runs.
2.     Feet wounds – it sounds horrible, but seriously, you can’t go to Fashion Week in Converse, hence, high heels will just kill my feet.
3.     Huge luggage – well, it’s Fashion Week, you need to show your best outfits and since I don’t really do that on a daily basis, this is a proper moment to shine. Also, the only thing I know about FW is – accessorize as much as possible, therefore, I would have the need to carry my whole wardrobe.
4.     Cold weather – to be a fashionista (which by the way – I am not!) means you know how to deal with snow in sandals or lace dress at -5 degrees! Well, I love winter and winter sports, but this is not my thing! I immediately imagined myself with fever, coughing horribly and looking like a monster.

All these came to my mind and while I was RSVP’ing, I was wondering if this is actually what I want.

I read a few years ago, that celebrities are staying outside to be photographed and to get compliments for hours, but I don’t really need that attention right now since I am just an upcoming storyteller which has a blog for not even a year. I wouldn’t go to a show just for the free clothes and few pictures, but I would like to go for the shows the designers put together. I used to watch vintage fashion shows from the 70’s and I was so impressed by the elegance and the presentation. A few years back, when I still had a TV, I would open my TV on Fashion Channel and watch for hours, but yeah, still, these images, would not match with what this last-minute invitation represents. It’s all about the sacrifice for the fashion and passion for fashion.

Dear reader, I am in my bed filled with pillows and my new blanket so I browse the internet and Google, for Milan Fashion Week, to see the shows and what outfits are worn for street style. I still have a strange feeling about not being in a hotel room in Milan, but I am happy with my decision. The trendsetters are there, showing me what to wear this year, trends I will probably not follow, because, I have my own style.

Probably I have to be there to truly understand fashion and to feel the vibe, but for now, this was just a fleeting idea of what didn’t happen yet.

I did not share everything here as I initially wanted since I might come as a shock, but the essence is that beyond the experience which probably is absolutely charming, the sacrifices I would have made, will not make me happy. It’s for sure something that any fashionista will tell me that I am nuts and I should never ever in my entire life say no to fashion week, but for me, fashion is just something so special, similar to art….

YES: a blogger MUST go to at least one Fashion Week in their lifetime, but this was not the right moment for me!


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