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Travel Guide – Things To Do In Manchester | Should You Visit Manchester Or Not?

Travel Guide – Things To Do In Manchester | Should You Visit Manchester Or Not?

I went to Manchester for a city break and I took advantage of the Spice Girls’ concert that weekend and completely avoided the crowded London experience: twice in a month, it’s too much for anyone. At the end of the four days I spent there, I could say whether it is worth visiting Manchester or not. The city is small, cozy and you can find an Instagramable spot at every corner because Manchester has a special vibe. Do you know the feeling when you visit a place and feel like home? Well, that’s the feeling you get in Manchester.

How to get to Manchester

It is preferable for you to look into flying directly to Manchester. Also, If you find offers in other cities that might involve going also by train, double check the costs; in the end, it might actually be more expensive.

What to visit in Manchester

There are few things you can do in Manchester, but enough for a city break.

town hall.jpg

· Town Hall: With a neo-Gothic architecture, this is one of Manchester's main tourist attractions. Here are several departments of the local government. This building is not only beautiful but extremely interesting from the architectural point of view. Bear in mind: the building is closed for reconstructions until 2024 so you can’t get in yet, but a visit on the outside is definitely worth your time.

· Manchester Cathedral: This is the central point of the city and one of the most visited places, standing for over 600 years. Here you can admire the old statues and the fascinating stained glass windows. I was impressed by its beauty and honestly, I can’t recommend you enough to pay a visit during service hours the sounds will transpose you in a new state of mind.



John Rylands Library: The library is so impressive that for a few moments made me feel like in a Harry Potter movie. You can find many books that were written centuries ago, many of them handwritten. You will notice the low light inside the library, kept so to protect the items on display. Even so, if you are interested to see something and the light makes it a bit difficult, you can always use the magnifying glasses which are available within each of the galleries. Obviously nobody can browse them but even so, they are all available electronically on computers for readers. TIP: if you don’t want a sore neck, you can use for free the mirrors to explore the beautiful ceilings.. Also, the entrance was free.


· Heaton Park: the park is a large green space for everyone who enjoys a fancy stroll in a park. It contains an 18-hole golf course, a boating lake, an animal farm, a pitch and putt course, a golf driving range, woodlands, ornamental gardens, an observatory, an adventure playground and so on. This is the most relaxing place you can get if the city is overflowing with tourists.

· Castlefield: it’s one of the neighborhoods which made me feel like I never left Amsterdam. It’s a walkable area filled with canals and casual waterfront bars and a lot of green spaces. I found it as one of the most relevant neighborhoods in the city. The ruined Roman fort of Mamucium, from which the city takes its name is one of the few attractions in the area.

· Canal Street: is the vivid pedestrian street in the Gay Village, which goes along the Rochdale canal, is lined with gay bars and restaurants.


· Chinatown: it’s the second largest Chinatown in the United Kingdom and the third largest in Europe. The archway on Faulkner street has been ordered and brought in from Beijing in 1987.

· Northern Quarter: my favorite neighborhood, with great and vibrant street art, vintage stores, and independent records shops. This is the place to be and where you will find the best restaurants.

What to eat in Manchester

The variety and a great number of restaurants in Manchester, whether you are in the center or the outskirts, you still have a choice, I am sure you will not starve in this city. If you don’t like English food, then you can try Italian, Greek, Turkish, and Asian restaurants.

What I did not like

The appearance of the city, in general, is an industrial one, but there are exceptions from this and overall there are enough beautiful buildings to capture your eyes. There is a good chance of being disturbed by beggars who will ask you for money, but I haven’t felt threatened or in danger even though I was traveling alone.

What is your experience in Manchester?

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