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Best Instagram Spots In Manchester

Best Instagram Spots In Manchester

Manchester is one of those underrated cities that hasn’t been given enough importance, but let me tell you, dear reader, it has so many Instagramable spots that it’s definitely worth the visit. From John Rylands Library to the Manchester Cathedral, to the street art in Northern Quarter, there are so many places to snap the perfect shot for the ‘gram, that I am telling you: just go book that ticket now!

And since it’s not a secret anymore that most people will plan their travels based on Instagram – I thought it’s a good idea to put together a list of all places where you can get that perfect shot. This travel guide on the most Instagramable places in Manchester isn’t meant to replace your wander and lust-filled visit but hopefully will be something to make your trip even more pleasant.

Manchester Bee

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the Manchester Town Hall is a truly stunning building, both inside and out. Unfortunately, the inside will not be available until 2024, due to restorations.

Sawyers Arms Hotel

Crossing the street in front of the hotel in style is a great way to capture the perfect Instagram moment in Manchester. The good thing is that both of the lights crossing the street turn green at the same time, you just need to be ready! Even so, double check if there is no crazy driver is in the neighborhood.


John Rylands Library

The library is impressive, and to snap a shot the best option will be to do it on the stairs, where the light is at its best.

Manchester Cathedral


Oh, boy, that interior is impressive and I am telling you this although I am more of an outdoor person. Go inside, walk around and find the perfect spot!WARNING: do not use your flash and do not make noises, this is still a place for prayers.

Manchester Town Hall

Unfortunately, even though I heard it is amazing on the inside until 2024 we will not be able to capture anything.….Even so, if you go on the left side of the building, under the trees, I am sure you will find your good spot to snap it.


This neighborhood is just divine, so wherever you plan on visiting this will be a great option. Try to find WHAT IS A BRING? A BUILDING? with a large canal and some old bricks buildings behind and it should work wonders.


There are a few spots, but I would say the arch is the best option. You need to be careful, as the streets are full of cars, so just an idea – wake up earlier than 7 AM, that’s when people start going to work. 😉

Stevenson Square


Currently, the famous Arya Stark is on display, but that will soon change. My understanding is that from time to time a new artist will display her/his work, so stay tuned to see if something you like is there.

Street Art in Northern Quarter

This is pretty simple, just get your camera ready and start walking, even on the small streets. You will find a lot of art around, and yes, don’t be shy to tell people to move their cars (in a VERY polite way!) so you can get that perfect shot you are looking for.

Affleck's Palace

This is the vintage neighborhood. If you are a fan of the 80s or 90s, you will just love it here. It’s the perfect place to find that neon skirt your mom used to wear when she started dating your dad. Or maybe that Spice Girls t-shirt with Victoria in the picture? Just be patient, you will be surprised by everything you will get to see.

Royal Exchange Theather

This building is impressive in all words. It used to be a commodities exchange but was damaged by the bombing. Now closed, it serves as a theater and a dining place. Just go inside and you will understand my fascination. In front of The Rivals restaurant, you can get a good shot. Give it a try and let me know.

Barton Arcade

This white-ish Victorian shopping arcade it will give you an overwhelming feeling of majestic as it is very beautiful and tall. If you are lucky enough, you might snap a photo from above, go to the first or even second floor. Just ask a guard to let you in. You can thank me later!

The Old Wellington

old welli.jpg

This black and white building makes such a beautiful distinction between all the new concrete and glass buildings around. Just stay down or walk in front of it while you take a picture and your Instagram will go viral.

Mackie Mayor


This food market court can become very crowded in the afternoon, so the best thing you can do is go for lunchtime. You still have an option to pick the right table for your photo plus you will not have to wait too much for your food.

20 Stories

Well, this is the photo with a view. A bar on the 20th floor with a huge 360 view! Pick the right side when you go through the terrace, you will get Alberts Schloss’ tower in your photo. TIP: order a Manchester Tart Punch cocktail.

Menagerie Restaurant & Bar

During my stay, it was the place to be for all the girls going to the Spice Girls concert. Everything is pinkish and Instagram worthy. TIP: Get a French Kiss cocktail.

Evelyn’s Café

This is a nice cozy café with good food and it can be the perfect place to relax. There are a lot of plants hanging from the brick walls and they will look awesome and create great content for your Instagram.

The Refuge

I haven’t been inside, unfortunately, although it was on my to-do list. It’s very beautiful and it’s inside the Principal Manchester building. Give it a try and let me know what I’ve missed.

Victoria Baths

Check the schedule in advance, even give a call to see when they are opened. There are tours available, but unfortunately not daily, so I missed this one as well. Well, a good reason to come back, right?

Are you ready to book your tickets to Manchester?

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