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"Because" Of You My Dear Reader, I Won A Blogger Recognition Award

"Because" Of You My Dear Reader, I Won A Blogger Recognition Award

"Because" of you my dear reader, I have now a Blogger Recognition Award

My dear reader, I want to thank you for all the time you spend daily reading my posts, this only makes my heart beat faster and faster and the happiness is visible on my face daily. As the title says, because of you, my dear reader, I have received the Blogger Recognition Award from the lovely Texan, Lauren. We do not know each other well, but Lauren, besides being a licensed cosmetologist and the mother of a baby girl, she is also a blogger and has a beautiful website, which you need to check it out, Mothering Honestly. So, Lauren, here, decided to nominate me for this great recognition award.

Now, you are wondering, is this a very fancy reward ceremony with a red carpet and all that I will need to attend? No, unfortunately not! The Blogger Recognition Award is an online award offer to bloggers by other bloggers. You can call it the award for Startup Bloggers. This award was created for the idea of recognizing and discovering new bloggers which work hard to achieve greatness.

The rules are simple: write a small bio about the person that nominated you and write a about how did you start this journey. For me the story it’s easy, you can read all about how I started this year to blog and my experiences after 6 months is, right here. Because I wrote about this part, I decided to do a FAQ about myself, just to make this award worth it.

Where are you from and where did you live until now? I am originally from Bucharest, Romania but I lived in my childhood in 3 other different cities around the country. Besides this, I lived 1 year in Miami, another 2 years in London and 1 year in Paris. Currently I live in Den Haag, Netherlands, but should you ask me this question again in 2-3 years, probably I would already have relocated.

What are your essentials when you travel? Last year I bought a pair of wireless noise cancelling Bose headsets, which I can’t travel without. Next on the list would be my phone, my Canon PowerShot camera, my new Ray-Ban sunglasses (which are in almost all my Instagram posts) and a scarf (yes, no matter the season!)

What is your next travel destination? I have planned quite a few, as I have challenged myself to take 12 trips in 1 year, therefore: in August, I am going to Berlin, in September to Bucharest, in October to Portugal and in December to London. November is still empty; therefore, please comment below with any suggestions, I might come to visit you.

What is your favorite meal? Oh gosh, this is hard one. I would say I am between pasta Carbonara and pizza Quattro Formaggi.

But this is not all, there is a second part which a nominee needs to do and that is to give some advice to the new people nominated or maybe ask some questions, this almost always depends on the blogger and then select other bloggers to get the award.

And now …the nominations for the next Blogger Recognition Award are: (drums please)

  • The Jerny - A travel + inspirations blog.

  • The Fluency Spot - A community is for those who want to learn a new language and improve the language or languages they already know.

  • My Closet Diary - The blog of an award winner fashion, lifestyle and beauty enthusiast based in Bangalore, India.

  • Claudia's Journal - A blog about the experiences of a ballet dancer and her hopes to inspire others.

  • Stylish Maze - A platform where you can read about fashion, design and architecture.

  • Izzy Wears - The Australian Social Media Manager everyone needs.

  • Annie Chua - A 5-star awarded book seller.

  • Digital Harpreet - A blog for bloggers.

Now you are taking over the Award, please find your nominees and create your post to show how proud you are of winning. I will give you the same advise I receive every day, interact with other bloggers, be creative and never give up!

Good luck everyone and see you all in the blog-o-world!

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