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Tips For The Perfect #SELFIE Photo

Tips For The Perfect #SELFIE Photo

A good influencer is not averse to selfies. But how do you make sure that your #selfie will look perfect? This blog post will offer you 6 tips that will take your Insta-game to a higher level. Ready for an avalanche of likes?

I know this might be an uncommon thing coming from my side since I don’t post many selfies. Now, this is a matter of choice, I prefer to use my account to show others the beauty of the world that I see. On top of that… you already know my looks, so no matter how many selfies I’d post, it will not inspire you to travel or motivate you to live a happier life. And guys, it doesn’t mean I don’t take a lot of selfies without publishing them.

What do I usually do when I take a selfie? These are my main 6 tips on how to get a great selfie:

Choose daylight

Leave that flash aside, the perfect selfie requires natural light. The light on a cloudy day is ideal for this. It prevents shadows and makes your skin smoother. Direct sunlight, on the other hand, provides hard shadows and pale colors. My tip? Take a selfie during the 'golden hour'. An hour before sunset and you will enjoy that beautiful and warm light on your face and..capture it!

Keep it natural

You must have found out by now that an over the top duckface and a frog perspective - half double chin! - will not make you particularly sexy. My tip? Hold your camera a little higher so you have to look up in the lens. This way you open your eyes and it softens your face. Try out more poses so you can figure out your perfect angle. Use it all the time!

Go for top quality

Forget hazy photos, a perfect selfie requires good quality. If you take a selfie with your smartphone, then you should use your rear camera. I know that it is more fun to see yourself on your screen while you pose, but the front camera often doesn’t offer the quality a rear camera does. If you have one of the latest models, then this will not be a problem anymore.

Take your time

A perfect selfie requires time. You do not immediately prize in the first picture! Take different photos where you always change your posture and facial expression. This way you will realize sure that the perfect picture is in between!


Taking a selfie requires a lot of self-confidence. Do not be ashamed, because embarrassment can ruin your perfect picture. Be proud of yourself!

Mirror #selfie

I noticed that the best selfie is in a mirror. Selfies represent your reverse self, rather than a mirror which shows a familiar face. Seeing yourself in reverse can be strange and will highlight the asymmetries of our faces. We are all used to with the mirror, hence you will always think that what others will see as well. So, if you have the option, try a mirror photo, it will make you fall in love with yourself.


Take a good look at your face in the mirror and you will realize that a great selfie has a lot to do with symmetry. For example, my best side is the left side because it’s more plumped, you can see my cheek better, my lip is perfectly round and my eye is a bit more elongate which gives me a more sensual look. These are things that a normal person will not notice while talking to you so don’t get obsessed over this. I myself never noticed in the mirror, I found out during a make-up session. Of course, if you’d like, go see one...A good one will know what to tell you.

The perfect selfie?

Right, it will soon shine on your feed! Good luck and especially ... Have fun!


Post a before and after picture to see if there’s any improvement.

Share your selfies with me at #iamfoodietraveler

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