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Interview With Questions. What You (Might) Not Know About Me

Interview With Questions. What You (Might) Not Know About Me

In order to avoid that weird situation when people start asking too many personal questions, I simply decided to share most of my personal life here. This way, nobody will start thinking that I have God knows what super governmental secrets. So here we go :

• I was born a Pieces on almost the last day of February, the 28th, in Bucharest. I am a nomad since I know myself: I have lived in Ploiesti, Oradea, Arad; all this before coming back to Bucharest for high school. At age 23 I moved to Miami for an entire year and just so you know, it was an amazing experience! Obviously, I came back home, in Bucharest, and I lived here for few years before I moved to London first, for one year, rainy weather indeed, and then I moved to Paris and finally, I moved to The Hague. This being said (and done!), currently, I am enjoying the Dutch weather in Amsterdam.

• I try to work daily on my blog and I plan to start posting stories weekly.

• I love minimalism. Light pictures and Scandinavian interior design.

• I am a social animal. I adore my home, but I’d rather spend my time outside, rumoring somewhere, probably this is the reason why I became a travel blogger.

• I eat almost everything – except bananas and mandarins, which I am allergic to (if that is even possible!) and I hate onions – Dutch people put onions in everything…I expect one day to see onion ice-cream in the supermarket.

• I drink wine, lemonade, Old Fashion, Gin Tonic, Mojito and lemon water. Not in this order…but you get the picture.

• I don’t like to sit on a beach and “fry” myself. I find this the most useless and boring activity ever.

• If I don’t have a trip planned, I am depressed with capital D. I measure my time in “days left until I have to go to the airport.”. I suffer from severe PTD (post-travel depression). What does that mean? Guys, I book my next trip around 24 hours or even less, from the moment I land back home.

• I can’t stand going shopping for something specific, I get annoyed and I leave. But if I don’t need to buy something, I will stroll the whole day and come back with a tone of useless items.

• When it’s about movies, I search for something special – as you can find in “Grand Hotel Budapest” or “La Grande Bellessa”! I stopped watching TV series and I canceled my Netflix in order to dedicate my free time completely to the blog. But since I am a corporate traveler and I work during the week a full-time job, I re-subscribed to Netflix, because there is not much to do in the trains. (too lazy to work on the blog!)

• I never remember where I put my things but in the end, I always find them. I only lost a pair of earrings when I was 12 and nothing else since then. My mom lost my wallet one time, but I still had my ID in a different bag (the organized disorganizer!)

• No matter how super excited I am for going on a trip, I simply can’t manage packing my luggage on time. My current record – I started packing one hour before leaving to the airport. Still pushing for less! ☺ On the other hand, when I get home, it can take even weeks to unpack! I think that people (like my boyfriend!) that unpack on the same day they’re back are serial killers or something.

• Vlad, my boyfriend, if I didn’t say it enough by now, he can get really annoyed with me because I don’t put anything in order and I leave the closet door half opened and of course because everything is a chaos around me (I don’t see like that, but he does!)

• I don’t have a favorite destination as I get impressed by each in a different way. I would say that Lisbon was the best, but I was amazed by Minsk. I also have very vivid memories about Copenhagen, but I can’t forget how beautiful the sunset was in Turku. You get my point, right?

• I love to try new food, especially traditional dishes, even more, I find it super amusing that most of the locals don’t eat their traditional food. I have my freezer full of traditional food, and when I visit Romania, that’s the only thing I eat.

• I love the feeling I get when people ask for tips for a destination and then when they come back they are super excited that they loved my suggestions. Priceless moments!

• In the following year, I see myself making a living from my passion to travel, wherever and however I will be able to do it! I don’t know yet! Stay tuned and we can find out together.

Do you want to know something specific? Ask your questions below in the comment section and I will update my interview.

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