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How To Be A FOODIE In Berlin?

How To Be A FOODIE In Berlin?

Small artists, students, madness, color, history, Biergarten all the time, good music, festivals, art, galleries, museums and communist buildings. That's what the modern Berlin is right now. It's hard to sum it all up; a city with such a controversial history and the truth is there are so many things to see and do, that it's quite hard to squeeze them all into one city break.

Spending a long weekend in Berlin, browsing the pages of history, might be a bit tiring. If you pay attention each neighborhood has its own personality, its own vibe, and the nationalities that settle here are more different than expected.

Discover Berlin and find out how local culinary culture has been influenced by large immigrant groups. Guten Appetit!

In general, I am not a big fan of organized tours as I prefer to discover myself great spots. I do like to ask locals and obviously, nowadays Instagram helps a lot in finding the hidden gems of any city. So, if there is something I know about Germany is they have amazing sausages, called currywurst, so I started off with locally made currywurst from a small stall in front of Alexa Shopping Centre.

The second one I had was as delicious as the first one at Curry 36.

For the sweet tooth, I was impressed by Ritter Sport shop, with the famous Ritter chocolate, you can find here so many flavors that it’s almost impossible to decide not to try at least a few.

Another nice place I have tried was Markthalle Neun, the closest thing you will get to Borough Market in Berlin, very trendy.

For Instagramers, I would definitely suggest the Wonder Waffle,  which will write down on the plate, any message you want as long as is within the plate size.

Another good option would be Funky Waffle ... which doesn’t have a location, so you will need to check out their Facebook page to see where the caravan will be while you visit Berlin. First time I tried these amazing bubblewrap egg waffles was in Hong Kong and since then, I check in each city I go, if they have any!

Now I have to tell you about my first fully vegan restaurant experience at Rose Garden - Besides the fact that everyone that works there speaks perfect English and they are kind and nice, the food is incredible.

In the meantime, auf wiedersehen and go read more about sightseeing in Berlin!


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