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How To Accomplish A Dream?

How To Accomplish A Dream?

How many times did you want to sketch out your dream, put it on a piece of paper, say it out loud hoping it will happen but you haven’t had the courage to do it? Or maybe you did not have a budget or maybe the time or maybe you were pressured to do something and it was never the perfect time to just pack and go. I have dreamed my whole life to take a trip around the world, to explore Australia, to reach mount Fuji, jump with a parachute, do a tour of all the amusement parks in the world, paragliding over an ocean!

But my biggest dream is to just see everything and every place that exists on our beautiful planet, Earth. I want to know all the unseen wild places of the world. Either way, Ferratum offers this option for every one of us.

The campaign is called “Outdo Yourself!” and it urges you to follow your dream and to push your limits when it comes to dreams becoming reality. No matter how trivial it is, hard to accomplish financially or even based on your imagination they want people to follow their dreams. All of them!

What do they propose?

I have to tell you that they have great aspirations and want you to get very creative while putting your ideas into practice with their financial help, but also with advice if you need it. They did not put any limits on your dreams!

What do you have to do?

1.     Think of your greatest desire, the greatest dream, that you do not dare to tell anyone because you think it's too big to be realizable. But it is NOT!
2.     Take a camera.
3.     Make a video and upload it HERE.

And that`s all! Anyone can join, that’s the beauty of the game! There are 20 participating countries: Romania, Spain; UK; Denmark; France; Poland; Sweden; Finland; Germany; Australia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Bulgaria; Croatia; Brazil; Canada; Latvia; Mexico; Norway; Netherlands.

I know there is a bit of competition (bummer!), but nothing can stop you from daring and wanting more, so keep dreaming and upload that video today.

But hurry, this is a campaign that will last until 14th of January and the lucky winners (yes, winners!) will be announced on the 31st of January and you can be one of them. You have the chance to get 10.000 $ to make your dream come true.


My only recommendation: Dream big! Did you already apply? Share your video in the comemnts below, so I can vote for you!

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