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How To Be A FOODIE In Hong Kong

How To Be A FOODIE In Hong Kong

Dear reader, you are probably overwhelmed with information from my previous post about Hong Kong, but what I didn’t cover there intentionally, was the foodie part. This is by far the most important part of any travel – the FOOD!

By the time, we left Schiphol airport I already knew that there are a few places I wanted to try out and below I outlined the most important ones or better said, the ones that really rhymed with my tastes and hoped to be most impressed by.

And if I am telling you about food, I must tell you also what I did in the first hour after arriving in the city. Bear in mind, that no trip to Hong Kong is complete until you’ve tried Dim Sum, so I would advise you to make a beeline for Tim Ho Wan, the world’s cheapest Michelin star restaurant, for delicious and authentic Cantonese snacks like Siu Mai (pork and prawn dumplings) and Har Gau (prawn dumplings). The much-lauded baked barbeque pork buns are also a must order. Please avoid the cucumber smoothie, I can tell you that from personal experience unless you have tried it before! By the way, reservation are not possible, so there might be a huge line. Tip: Confirm in advance you are fine with a shared table, this way, you will only wait around 5 minutes (just like me!) and if it’s right after busy hours, you might even have a big table for yourself. If not, just enjoy the company and try to find out other places you can go to.

Location: 9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Yum Cha: Drinking tea while having Dim Sum is representative of Hong Kong’s traditional culture. Dim Sum dishes are usually steamed or fried and may be savoury or sweet. This place is really nice and they have Dim Sum in animal shapes.

Location 3/F, 20-22 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong Opening Hours Monday-Sunday 11.30 am – 11.30 pm (closed between 4.00 pm and 7pm)

Bubble-wrap Waffle: This is something that you need to eat in Hong Kong because this is where it originated from, also it’s the first place where I tried it from a street vendor near the sneakers market in Wan Chai. Nowadays you can find these waffles in many other places (Stockholm, Rotterdam and obviously, London). One place in particular which we tried and loved because it also had ice cream topings is Oddies Foodies

Location G/F 45 Gough Street Central Central District, Hong Kong Opening Hours Monday-Sunday 12:00 pm - 10:30 pm

One more place I want to mention, is Goobne Chicken, a Korean restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui area. The Volcano chicken is the spiciest dish I have ever had in my life, but without taking away its flavor. We also had Curry Chicken which of course had a great flavor, but thank God, it wasn’t that spicy, or at least that’s what I thought after having some Volcano pieces. Unfortunately I only had time to take a picture of the Curry Chicken, but I promise, if you try the Volcano type you will not be sorry.

Location 2/F, The HART, 4 Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui Opening Hours Monday-Sunday 12:00 pm -02:00 am

2016-11-10 12.31.20.jpg

Leo’s Espresso – ok, this is not as impressive as it sounds, but it worth the mention, as I found out about it on Facebook in the transit area of Heathrow airport, while waiting for the plane to Hong Kong. I saw this video, from Travel Insider, and it seemed to much of coincidence not to go. It’s in a non-touristic neighborhood, actually even better said, it’s in an industrial area, where there are only offices and you can find it inside a mall. The food is not great, but the cappuccino is really cute.

Location B2 Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Espuma - provides a wide-range of Tapas Asian delight. This place, has incredible food, but they really need to work on their services. We waited more than an hour for our food, just to find out that our waiter completely forgot about our order. The reason I still mention the place is because the food was really tasty and the plating was modern. Location 25/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen Road East, Wan chai, Hong Kong Opening Hours Monday-Sunday 11.30 am – 11.00 pm

These are just a few of the places I have eaten in. If you are willing to try some real Asian Chinese places, you can use use the OpenRice app and based on the number of reviews and of course the pictures, you can pick your place. The app is only in Cantonese or Mandarin, can’t really tell for sure, as I don’t speak any, but it was very helpful when we decided to go wild.

There is one place (I will let you check the picture) where we were probably the only non-Asian people that entered for the past few years,. The place is in Wan Chai and to me it looked really un-healthy so it took me around 10 to 15 minutes to get the proper courage to get in, but it had great reviews. Anyways, nobody there spoke English, there was no menu, but in the end we ordered based on the pictures we have shown from OpenRice app. We presume we had pork or beef with rice and the traditional tea. We are safe, back home, so whatever we ate didn’t kill us, but I have to admit, the taste was much better that it looked from outside and it was the cheapest dinner during our stay and I would definitely eat there again! Touché!

If you want more details, don’t hesitate to contact me, or comment down below.

That been said, enjoy Hong Kong!

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