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5 Tips On How To Organize A Dinner At Home

5 Tips On How To Organize A Dinner At Home

Having dinner at home is the new eating out. You can actually enjoy all sorts of goodies from your own kitchen, surrounded by your friends, all around the kitchen table. It can be fun but it can also be stressful. That stress is not needed to think about it as a very relaxing (and especially pleasant) activity.

Create a menu

Start by coming up with a menu idea. Don't make it too complicated. Choose a starter that you can easily prepare such as veggies, hummus, or a cheese platter. The less you have to do an à la minute, the more relaxed you are at the table. You can often also prepare the dessert in its entirety. The main course is often the biggest challenge.

Smart shopping

Do your shopping in advance(or have it delivered at home, even easier) so that you don't have to go to all kind of stores on the same day, all by yourself. Choose tasty wines (or order a wine box) and get advice in the store. A day in advance you can get everything you need, so you don't have to do much on the day of the dinner.

Nicely set the table

You eat better at a beautifully laid out table. That is really true. So definitely pay attention to the table setting. Put a nice rug on the table, choose your best service and clean it in advance. You can add candles and fresh flowers on the table and beautiful carafes with water, with lemon and cucumber. Beautiful fabric napkins and a personalized menu should be ready for everyone. Everything should be taken care of in a perfect way. Then you get the restaurant feeling at home.

Already something to eat and drink

You will no longer hear people talking if they have something to eat and drink. That is why in a restaurant they often put a basket of bread on the table and the drinks are being delivered quickly if all goes well. This of course also applies if you throw dinner at home. You can have tasty snacks (goat cheese bonbons and spring rolls) and bread with olive oil and sea salt, all set on the table. Upon entering it’s good to immediately offer a nice drink, so you can only see happy faces and don’t get too stressed. While your guests are having a nice chat, you can prepare your dishes in peace in the kitchen. And if it takes a little longer than expected, there will be no problem at all.

Moment Supreme

The time has come: dinner enters! Ask everyone to take a seat at the table so you can serve the dishes. A bit of preparation can help you a lot. Make sure your starter is ready and the dessert has already been put in the fridge. When everyone has finished the starter, quickly dive into the kitchen to finish the main course. You can prepare fish in 15 minutes, so there is enough time left between the starter and the main course. With a few smart preparations, you will also have a very relaxed evening for yourself. For example, you don’t need to wait a long period of time until salmon is cooked. For dessert, you can have a delicious mascarpone yogurt with passion fruit (or any other fruit) and close the dinner with coffee and tea.

Having a wonderful evening with nice company and especially very tasty food will make the day to be remembered. Have you ever felt like throwing a dinner at home? If you did, hopefully, my tips will benefit you!

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