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5 Tips For A Winter City Trip

5 Tips For A Winter City Trip

Will you soon go on a city trip to a Scandinavian city? Chances are that the temperature will be a lot lower than in your country and everything is covered in snow.

Every season has its beautiful sides, but the winter in Scandinavia has something magical. And especially the northern parts. A landscape under a white blanket, the sun that barely rises above the horizon, the most beautiful wild animals: even the winter hater can see the beauty of it. Today, I will share with you dear reader five tips that can help you survive a real winter trip.

Waterproof jacket and shoes

Because you probably do not have space in your luggage for 10 different coats of 10 different fabrics, it is useful to wear a (wind-) and waterproof jacket. Because no matter how nice a wool coat is, once it is wet, it takes a long time before it has dried up nicely again. Not good. The same applies to shoes: once your feet are cold, the rest of your body will also get cold.


One of the advantages of Scandinavian cities is that they often light up well indoors - in restaurants and cafes. Fine, if you walk in, but you can also have it in no time too hot in that wool sweater. Work with layers. Then you can pull out inside, but do not walk outside to cool. Oh, and of course it saves a lot of space in your bag when you are wearing half the suitcase just to keep warm.

Extra batteries/power bank

Due to (extreme) cold, the batteries used to power all your devices such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras can and will drain faster. It's a shame if you're looking for that nice address on your phone and the battery is empty. So, take a power bank with you, so that you can quickly recharge your smartphone without a wall socket.

Drinking water

Drink enough water. You might not say it, but even if it is so cold, your body needs to be hydrated. So, in addition to those warming alcoholic ‘refreshments’, a number of bottles of water are also a necessity, especially if you visit daily the sauna.

Keep your skin hydrated and use SPF

Just like the inside of your body, the outside also needs hydration. Because of the cold outside and the dry air inside your skin has a lot to endure. So, take with you a nice, greasy day cream (which does not contain too much water) and a jar of Vaseline. This prevents dry lips and can be used in places such as chapped elbows and dry spots on your hands. Oh, and also bring a medium to high SPF cream! This will be forgotten by quite a few people in the winter, but even then, the sun shines and brings about as much damage as in the summer. So, lubricate!

What do you always take with you during a winter city trip? Or do you have an ultimate tip? Let me know!

What do you think are the most beautiful places to visit during the Scandinavian winter?

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