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The Most Useful Mobile Applications For Travelers

The Most Useful Mobile Applications For Travelers

If you want to have a successful trip, most of the time you need a plan. It is really great that sometimes you get on a plane without knowing what to do. But realistically speaking, most trips need to be planned in the smallest detail. Fortunately, with the mobile apps that have been popping up lately, everything gets easier!

I will not talk about the obvious ones, such as the applications of the airlines you fly with, which allow you to make your check-in easier (for example, at KLM you just have to take a passport photo, and all your personal check-in details are automatically added) or from booking companies ( Booking.com , Airbnb.com , etc.). I admit that I do not have them all the time on the phone, but I download and delete them periodically so that I can add my travel documents to the electronic wallet. It's great to go to the airport without all the scrap sheets I obviously used to forget home sometimes! You just have to make sure you have the phone app downloaded and, if you haven't added your documents in the wallet already, then also an internet connection.

Here are the #suitcase recommendations for mobile apps that can be useful for your travels. All are free if you use only the necessary options and can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android:

Duolingo and Google Translate

Let's say you are a bit tired of gesturing when you do not know the language of the country in which you are traveling. Especially when it is impossible to learn, such as Japanese, for example. Well, you have two options: either you get to learn with Duolingo, which helps you memorize words and expressions through games, in a very interactive and captivating way, or you just translate what you want to tell someone through Google Translate.

What I like most about Google Translate is that if you have an internet connection, you can take a picture of a menu or a signpost and get the translation. Lifesaver!

City Mapper

You will say that Google Maps already exists when you need help with guidance, and I totally agree with you. But for cities, City Mapper is a more complex application, which can help you more, especially in a country whose languages you do not speak at all. The app notifies you even when you have to get off the bus, for example, which seems pretty cool to me. 


In many situations, you will need offline maps when you do not have internet access and need space orientation. Maps.Me is doing pretty well in this chapter, so you should download it as soon as possible if you want to have an alternative to Google Maps. And especially if you have a complicated itinerary and low chances of Wi-Fi connection!


When traveling as a group, the payment situation can become chaotic. Splitwise helps you keep track of your budget when costs are shared with multiple people. May it be suitable for everyone!


If you have always been envious of those who spend their time on flights in the renowned modern airlines, it is time to take revenge.

With LoungeBuddy you do not have to be a member of all airlines, because just entering the application you can choose the lounge in which to spend your pre-flight time, paying a fee for that day only.

Sounds a little more tempting than the awkward seats in front of the boarding gates, right?

App in the Air

The name of this app comes, as you probably already guessed, from the movie Up in the Air, in which George Clooney spends his entire life in planes and airports. If you are the type of person who often travels, even with the job, this app can help you organize yourself better.

Are you enrolled in several Frequent Flyer programs, and are you confused about them? No problem, App in the Air puts them for you, as is the case with itineraries, air tickets and other travel documents that you do not have to miss.


Although it is good to forget about Wi-Fi in the holidays, sometimes it is essential. Wiffinity comes handy with a map of the places you find ... you guessed (tough one), Wi-Fi!

I assure you that it will be handy to you, especially in countries where mobile data is dramatically loading your bill. Or where there is the Internet only in public spaces.


We all have that friend or family member who requests a stop in the toilet for 10 to 10 minutes. For them and beyond, the Flush app is vital. It shows you which are the closest toilets and how much they cost if this is even relevant in the limit situations!

Prey Anti-Theft

This app can save you when you have a bit of bad luck on vacation, and your phone, tablet, or laptop was stolen. I wish you never had such an experience, but if you want to minimize the consequences of an extremely unpleasant situation, you can use Prey Anti Theft, where you can register all your smart devices, gadgets and objects of the future.

Photo applications

Personally, I use Lightroom exclusively for the desktop, but when I don't have access to the laptop I always choose Snapseed (mainly because it allows me to light only certain portions of the picture with the Select option), VSCO (the few free filters are ok, but the best are counter-cost, having the possibility to create your own filter, custom-made). I started using Lightroom for mobile too, but this app will only help you if you want to edit your holiday pictures at a higher level.

You probably saw those pictures with only some dynamic elements, such as waterfalls or clouds. You don't need to be a Photoshop expert for that, because there is, of course, an app called Pixaloop. You just have to select the area you want to make dynamic with great attention because the result can be quite disastrous otherwise.

Video applications

If you want to edit a holiday video and have never opened Adobe Premiere CC or other more complex programs, don't worry. For this, there are applications such as Splice, which helps you quickly create a dynamic and captivating video, with video and/or photo content, ready to share in social media. Put it on the list!

Other applications

Although not vital, there are plenty of other apps that can help you in your travels. Night Sky guides you in identifying the stars if you plan on going to the Atacama Desert or just want to enjoy a very serene evening. You can also download the Travel to-do list, which helps you get organized before a trip and makes preparing your luggage faster, especially if you're the kind of person who always seems to forget something at home. There is also Yuggler, a useful app for those traveling with little ones ... and the list can go on endlessly!


Ok ok, I do not know how well you will stay with your phone memory after downloading all the mentioned applications. But the thing is, you only have to get on a plane, train or car and enjoy your trip!

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