The Stockholm Syndrome

What can I say? Stockholm is a beautiful city, which deserves your visit. I was planning this visit for more than 5 years and for some reason, I always wanted to go in end of June. This year, in a spontaneous decision, I bought the tickets and off we went.

July Goals

It's been almost half a year since I started my journey to set up monthly goals for myself. Do you want yo know how I did last month or what are the goals for July, read more below.

May Small Goals

This is my third month in a row since I decided to do something for myself and to set challenges on a monthly basis. Even though some of the challenges I managed to cross off my list, that didn’t stop me from continuing in the next month to do the same.

Mondrian Style

Everyone knows the famous design of the YSL with yellow, red, blue, white and small lines of black. But how many of you know where that design came from? The famous designer was inspired from the cold land of Dutch people – The Netherlands.

Paris is always a good idea…or NOT!

People will never bring this up publicly, unless you do it first and even so, they will never ever agree 100% that Paris is not always a good idea. I am one of those people that felt amazing once I stepped down from the plane in New York, but really knew Paris is not my kind of city in the first 10 minutes from my arrival